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Aerialists suspended from 30 feet in the air. Performances projected onto a 360-degree theater dome. Interactive workshops. Film screenings. Pool parties. Live-streamed events. Trade show activations... Whether you’re looking to create an engaging brand experience for an intimate crowd or thousands of people, or devise a memorable marketing campaign targeted toward your audience, For All Humans dreams up impactful, unforgettable moments centered around messaging inspired by your ethos. We collaborate with a broad spectrum of venues, talent, artists, DJs, and vendors covering decor, food + beverage, and can leverage our relationships to curate & produce immersive, performance art-based experiences that will leave your guests reeling.

We have spent the past decade+ curating and producing experiences and visuals for a wide range of high-level corporate brands and organizations where all humans are welcome and celebrated, and we can’t wait to help you tell your story.  

A brand experience isn’t a complete experience without some eye candy. So with a keen attention to aesthetic and detail, we also offer graphic design, photography and videography services that give you a tangible narration of your brand through logos, event promotion + collateral, digital marketing materials, and social media assets. We can act as your external marketing team, or offer additional support for your publicist, by handling print + email campaigns, web development, and other visuals that pop, helping you maintain your brand identity and upholding your brand standards. We have major #relationshipgoals—building and nurturing long-lasting partnerships with our clients drives our creative efforts. So whether it’s through marketing materials or on-site collateral (think structure graphics, signage, brochures, banners, lanyard design and event tickets), we’re here to woo you with an approach that is authentic, bold, colorfully vibrant, and unapologetic.

Barry Brandon

Barry is a creative curator & community influencer whose mission is to create safer spaces for all humans to express themselves through strategic and insightful community building and marketing. Often tapped for his understanding of and sensitivity toward the queer experience, Barry is available for speaking engagements, corporate training, and education on LGBTQIA+ culture & identity. As a dual citizen of the United States + Europe, he’s committed to building global relationships and creating a movement of authenticity and enlightenment, & a world where we enrich each other by being ourselves.

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Knyckolas is a graphic design, photography and marketing extraordinaire who believes in the power of simplicity and exploring artistry without limitations. Creative expression, he says, should allow you to dive into your imagination head-on and tangibly allow your emotion or vision to escape through the medium of your choice. While his body of work bursts with eye-popping personality and always caters to the needs of his clients, he’s the first to say it  shouldn’t be confined into one specific box. Just as he likes to create freely, he hopes that those who view his designs and attend his events interpret and experience them with an open mind of their own.

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Jay is an event producer and copywriter based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He started working in the hospitality industry over a decade ago before shifting focus to event production. Jay has been writing sketch comedy for 5 years, and incorporates this into his lighthearted approach at copywriting. He identifies as a biracial, gay man and the intersection of these identities provides a unique perspective and opportunities for empathy and connection across many communities. Outside of work, Jay likes to spend his time running, baking, and studying German. 

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