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About Us

An exclusively queer-run, international collective, FOR ALL HUMANS combines talent of producers on over 3 continents.
While the roster of gifted producers specializing in everything from video production to copy to design, the consistent driving force is the cultivation and careful coordination of owner, Barry Brandon.

Success on social is not about cold numbers on a page, it's about making what is possible clear to an audience in a single frame or with 15 seconds of video. It is beyond making fantasy a reality, it is a visual language for what is often impossible to articulate. A cultural revolution at the fingertips of billions.


Barry Brandon

Barry is a progressive digital cultivator & community influencer creating space for all humans to vibrantly express themselves and be welcomed by the greater world. Barry's personal brand, The Queer Indigo, has been viewed by millions via Instagram and TikTok and backed by consistent meaningful engagement.
With well-evidenced strategic approaches, Barry shares his ingenuity with brands sharing his inclusive and compassionate approaches toward the LGBTQIA+ experience and global consciousness. Barry is frequently sought for both talent and executive direction as a recognized tastemaker. Being a dual citizen of the United States and Europe, he’s committed to building international relationships as well as continuing the movement toward a culture ignited by each human being embraced in their most authentic and unrepentant truth.

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